YouTube Gets Their Hands On Steve Jobs’ TV Debut

If you have been following Apple’s history then you may have heard about all of Steve Jobs’ whackey schemes back when he was fresh out of college. If you wondered what he looked like and acted like all of those years ago then here is your chance, as a YouTube user has dug out a piece of history that is thought to be the Apple CEO’s first ever TV appearance.

The Mr Jobs which you will see, thanks to the YouTube user radi0chik, is not the same man we see today. Most notabbly he has a head and face full of hair but more importantly it is his lack of confidence and nerves which make him almost unrecognisable. Also there is no turtle neck sweater or Levi jeans to be seen, instead Jobs is sporting a rather tasteless brown suit.

The confident entertainer who struts the stage today and wows the crowds with the unveiling of the newest technology used to be a regular guy. The young Jobs seems terrified of attention and feels so nervous he wants to throw up; it goes to show that despite making it look so easy today, he put in plenty of time to practise his presenting. Watch the full video embedded below, courtesy of Electric Pig.

The past 30 years has been unbeleiveable for Apple as they have seen the return of their co-founder and CEO who has helped to drive then from a garage operation to a billion dollar company. The CEO is currently on medical leave again, after health concerns. During this interview Jobs probably had never even dreampt of the words iPod, iPhone or iPad. I would never have thought that the man in the video would go on to be one of the richest and most succesful men in the world; would you?