Verizon Could Get iPad 2 and 4G BlackBerry PlayBook

Following on from news of the release of two of the much anticipated Tablet PC’s, it seems possible that Verizon could get both the iPad 2 and the BlackBerry Playbook. The carrier acquiring the new updated Tablet from Apple has been previously reported, but it was assumed that the RIM device would only be heading to Sprint customers.

This speculation that Verizon will receive both devices stems from information about a site which is designed to run a beta testing registration for the Playbook on this network. To make things more intriguing it seems the domain to this site is owned by Marketing Wrecks, who have both RIM and Verizon on their client list. To read more you can check out this post Leo Xavier at

Having recently posted on the war of the Tablets these new devices seem hell bent on pushing their spec lists through the roof, the offering from RIM boasts a 7inch multi touch screen, 5MP rear camera, 3MP front camera and a 1GHz dual-core processor with 1 GB of RAM. There has been no official word from its rival Apple with regards to the specs of the forthcoming iPad update, but there are plenty of rumours and speculation surrounding this which you can view in our post here.

Though no confirmation has yet been released about specs there is a chance that the new iPad has already gone into production, which if true will line up with all the rumoured manufacturing schedules. To read more on this have a look at this post by Nilay Patel over at

So whether they do get both devices or not one thing is for sure, with all these devices set to be released and mysterious announcement from HP Palm today the next few months are going to be very exciting.

What device do you think will be the best?

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