Sony PS3 Jailbreak Code Retweeted: Nice One Kevin Butler

At OSM we have reported on a couple of the PS3 jailbreaks that have been floating around the Internet, the last one we did was when the 3.50 update was being discussed on Twitter and before that how the v3.42 and 3.5 are now supported.

Now we have caught wind of quite an amusing story, the PS3 jailbreak code has been retweeted by none other than Kevin Butler on his Twitter page, the guy finally did somehting funny! This is quite a big mistake on his part; he mistook it for a Battleships reference and then retweeted it as are saying.

The original Tweet came from the Twitter user @Exiva, when he was asked why he sent the Tweet he replied with “Why Did I send the tweet? Because of the way they (Sony) are handling it. Subpoenaing information”. Once he had seen the retweet from Kevin Butler he tweeted “My life is complete. Sue yourself, Sony.”

So what’s the impact? According to CVG, Butler has 69,300 Twitter users following him, undoubtedly loads of them had a gander at the code but has the damage already been done? We especially liked Butlers reply and its quite fitting he said “Lemme guess…you sank my Battleship?”

We are hoping that Geohot gets to see it because we are sure he will laugh his backside off!

What do you think of the tweets? How could Kevin Butler be so silly? Let us know how hard you laughed in the comments below.