Samsung Galaxy Indulge Vs HTC Thunderbolt: First LTE Race

It appears from recent news that we have a race on our hands, the Samsung Galaxy Indulge and the HTC Thunderbolt seem to be head to head in the race to be the first handset on an LTE network in the US, securing this title may help really boost sales of the winning handset.

We have previously brought you news of the HTC Thunderbolt, this device boasts an impressive list of specs including an 8MP camera with flash, 4.3inch WVGA touch screen and all running on Android 2.2 OS. There has been speculation this handset may not be able to achieve fast results because of its single core processor, to read more about this check out our post by Maddy Rowe.

The Indulge is a bit more elusive so we can only share with you the initial specs of this device, according to this post by Chris Ziegler from Engadget this handset will include a 3.5inch HVGA, Wi-Fi, 1GHz processor and running on Android 2.2 Froyo. It is expected to be priced up at $399, which isn’t that expensive for a phone that could give the Thunderbolt a good run for its money.

Although there is not much information about the Indulge it’s good to see a nice bit of healthy competition, and if a handset can cause this much of a stir before we even know too much about it, it’s surely got to be onto a winner.

Which one of these handsets takes your fancy?

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  • andy

    Well, one of them is a Samsung so it will be glitchy and never get updates. The other is an HTC that will be polished and receive updates quickly. Both single core? No question.



  • Paradise

    yes my wife and i got the fascinate i have since gone back to HTC Incredible and she is seriously wanting to get this ThunderBolt. would have an iphone if i didnt work for the company but whatever. HTC im waiting for it big time.