HTC Thunderbolt Single Core Processor: Can It Achieve Fast Results?

As we wait in anticipation for HTC’s shot in the dark, the new Thunderbolt running on Verizon, many reports have arisen over speculated release dates, price, and specifications which seem to have been narrowed down to 2 dates being the 14th and 24th February 2011.

Peter over at PR News has pushed aside the delivery hype and taken a glance at the HTC devices showpiece, its speed! Working on four target tests, namely Productivity, SmartBench, Gaming and Quadrant, the Thunderbolt managed to score highly.

Strangely enough, the levels reached gave greater potential than the devices single-core processor suggests. While the handset scored 1113, 2010, 1525 and 1831, this could only be down to Verizon’s 4G LTE technology.

Our guess is that Android Police who sourced the unpacking video from Wirefly, were as surprised as the rest of us that HTC chose not to furnish the Thunderbolt with a dual-core processor. This processor technology will undoubtedly be a major factor in a large range of top spec smart devices.

It’s worth checking out the video in preparation to the Thunderbolt’s mid to late February arrival. Are you a Thunderbolt waiter, have you been scouring the net for information?

  • Tobias_Aplin

    Have you considered the high scores being the product of the huge jump in memory this phone has over its' Dual Core brethren? Just a thought..