Facebook App for Purple Ronnie Fans in time for Valentine’s Day

We often like to tell you about the latest Facebook apps and if you love Purple Ronnie and rave about St. Valentine’s Day then we have the perfect piece of news for you. A new Facebook application launched in time for Valentine’s Day gives a gaming experience and allows users to send virtual greetings, poems and messages.

Created by enteraction for Coolabi, the Facebook app is called “Purple Ronnie’s Express Yourself” and enables users to choose an avatar in the style of Purple Ronnie by selecting from 20,000 body parts and accessories. There’s also a “Ronnie Carousel” that you can invite your pals’ avatars to, where you can all get together and have fun.

The app also gives users the chance to send birthday greetings and other messages for special occasions such as invitations for examples. It will be launched on Facebook with the intention of going mobile and some extras for the game will be able to be purchased in-game or even unlocked with a large enough friendship group.

You can get the app at this Facebook link here. What are your thoughts on the Purple Ronnie Facebook app? What messages will you be sending via the app for Valentine’s Day?