‘Do Not Track’ Features To Be Implemented In Firefox 4 Beta

Companies are tracking your every move on the internet! It’s a scary statement but in many cases, Big Brother is indeed watching you! Otherwise known as ‘targeted advertising’, companies take information about you gained by bits of data saved on your computer called ‘cookies’, which often includes your location and sites you have visited, and they use that information to send you advertisements which match your online identity.

There is hope, however, for those who wish to remain anonymous to advertising agencies. According to an article over on Mashable, the newest version of the Firefox 4 Beta (version 11) includes a ‘Do Not Track’ list which is designed to enhance user privacy. It works by popping up a banner at the top of a website which the user visits, notifying the user that they can opt out of being tracked by that website.

This then blocks any tracking by the website, meaning that they no longer get information about you, and you no longer get targeted advertisements (which could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your perspective).

Indeed, it’s such a good idea that the issue is being raised in Congress in the United States. Online Media Daily is reporting that Representative Jackie Speier is proposing a bill which would allow the Federal Trade Commission to regulate the user’s ability to opt out of online data collection, meaning that an opt out option could be made mandatory for all major web browsers!

Whether or not this will make a major difference to the way that we surf the internet remains to be seen, but anything that protects user privacy is a good thing in my books! But what do you think? If you have a thought on this issue, post in the comments below, or check out more stories about the Firefox web browser here!