Beauty Specialist Avon Launch Social Networking Site

Beauty specialist Avon who usually sell their products door to door have revealed they have launched a social networking site, allowing them to connect its sales people to both existing and new customers. You can try the site for yourself by following this link.

Since opening the site last week Avon Connects has in excess of 60,000 members, who will all be able to use the site to not only purchase their products but also get advice from its online representatives. This launch of this site marks the 125th anniversary of the company, and provides the customer with a great tool offering personal service without the need having to go door to door.

The company has grown from strength to strength since being founded all the way back in 1886, in the U.K nearly 1 in 3 women are sales representatives and there are over 5.5 million independent sellers worldwide, each helping to raise the company’s profit to over $10 billion worldwide.

Emma Lowry head of Avon’s E-Commerce commented on the launch and had this to say “The representatives are at the heart of our business and we want the right online tools to support that.” To read more of her comments plus a bit more detail about this site you can check this post out by Rebecca Thomson over at

So with Avon setting their own social media site up it seems that other companies are following suit and are now opening up shops on Facebook, FCUK and Dove are set to open up stores on this social site allowing you to shop without having to leave the site. You can read more about this from our post here.

Is this going to change the way we approach shopping?

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