AT&T Motorola Xoom Release 2011: Verizon iPhone 4 Payback?

The war of the tablets shows no sign of slowing up, and with many contenders on the current market as well as forthcoming devices, does the Motorola Xoom really stand any chance? What we can say is that news of the tablet has been positive, and its unique selling point is not just the specification listing, but that of the inclusion of Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS, a biggie that everybody is talking about. Currently to run on Verizon’s network, we have now heard today that AT&T may also be getting in on the act sometime this year.

The Xoom which according to many sources, is due to be released on the 24 February for a stand alone price of $799.99 (some may be disappointed with this), as well as various data plans which will no doubt be offered. As the majority of you may be aware from reading some of our Verizon iPhone 4 posts, AT&T unfortunately lost the iPhone exclusivity. As reported, David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer at AT&T indicated, that with 12 Google-powered devices coming at various times this year, the Xoom would be one of them.

If the Xoom does jump onto AT&T’s bandwagon as it were, this will be the first device to debut itself close by to AT&T’s own LTE network. Another string to the carriers bow as reported, is that they have made reference to upping their LTE network to more cities by the middle of this year. So for those of you who prefer AT&T over the big red, or feel the price is way beyond anything you would reasonably pay, then holding out for news of the Xoom brandishing AT&T may be the answer.

Another point to make is when Debbie here at OSM reported on a leaked Best Buy listing, not only showing the Xoom with a launch date and subsequent price, but 2 other pieces of information that could stir up some concerns. Firstly the post seen, indicated that to access WiFi, you as the user would have to sign up to a minimum month’s subscription in order to gain this. Secondly, the post pointed to the Xoom not being sold without access to Verizon’s network, therefore suggesting that there may be an activation fee incurred.

If true, will this sway some of you away into the arms of AT&T? Any updates to this we will let you know? Tell us what you think? What would be your preferred network?