Vogue Cover Leaked Thanks To Lady GaGa Twitter

The music and Internet phenomenon known as Lady GaGa has let one rip! We all know she has a massive online following and that she is a serial Tweeter, she normally features in the top 10 twitter trends. She also has the most people on Twitter following her.

We are now hearing reports from ivillage.com that the star is going to feature on the cover of Vogue magazine, not only that but she has leaked the cover on her Twitter page! With it she has also written a message aimed at her old classmates, it says… “They used to call me rabbit teeth in school, and now I’m a real live VOGUE BEAUTY QUEEN!” See it below.

This follows her Tweeting her excitement of the new “Born This Way” lyrics which we reported previously. Unfortunately the Tweet might get the popular music icon in a bit of bother, the picture wasn’t supposed to go live until Thursday.

Ella Stewart of eonline.com has written an article saying that Vogue Reps are desperately trying to get the image taken down; they are going to have a task doing that aren’t they! Undoubtedly the image will have circulated around the web, we even have it below!

What do you think of the leak? Are you surprised that she has leaked it a few days earlier? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.