Twitter Medical Industry Tweeting: Full of What Ifs

Could Twitter have the potential to save lives by being used within the medical industry? Following on from an episode of Grey’s Anatomy many people are asking whether this micro blogging site could be used within hospitals to communicate more effectively.

This question has arisen following a post by Erin Ryan over at, in this post it explains how characters in the show used Twitter as a way to update interns from different hospitals during an operation. These characters were also able to receive valuable resources that were not available to them at their hospital. To read the full story follow the link above.

The use of social networking from this fictional hospital show has to have you racking your brains, can a tool like this be used to help both medical professionals and the medical community associate better with one another?

If possible maybe this doesn’t have to be restricted to use within hospital walls but also used as a way for hospitals and doctors alike to keep their patients informed and up to date. The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital has more than 2,500 followers, making the most followed NHS hospital on Twitter. The hospital uses this service to send medical updates, links to healthcare information and to answer questions, you can read the full story over at

After reading two posts like this you can see that there is a good chance that the medical industry may be able to make good use of social media sites, will this change the way our hospitals will run? We will have to just wait and see?

What are your thoughts on the use of social networks in hospitals?

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