StumbleUpon vs Super Bowl: Mobile Stumble Usage Hits All Time High

This year’s Super Bowl XLV in North Texas, saw the Green Bay Packers winning against rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers. As well as plenty of advertisements to impress fans, and the opportunity to win a $20 discount for NFL merchandise, for StumbleUpon it was a time when they saw a huge increase in mobile usage.

StumbleUpon which initially launched in 2001, is a way for users to share with one another web content and consequently rate it be it, photos, videos and so on. By “liking” certain items, you will automatically share these interests with others sharing your same views. When you look on their official site here, you will notice that the figure for members is now in the region of 13,973,446. In August 2010, the site set up their own iPhone app which judging by Sunday’s recent statistics, is doing extremely well. Although the increase in subscribers using their mobile rose quite dramatically, no real reason has been put down to it, other than users having no accessibility to their personal computers.

As Mashable reported, StumbleUpon’s Roberto Sanabria, detailed the rise of approximately 41 stumbles per second, around the time of 6.50 pm PT, which as he said was just before the game finished. He also followed on by saying that a huge number of stumbles throughout the game, were carried out on laptops and desktops.

Did you make up the number who used stumble on their mobile during the Super Bowl game? Let us know.