Study Shows Facebook Addicts Are More Prone To Eating Disorders

We all know how popular Facebook is, its figures do the talking, 500 million users signed up with more than half of them returning daily to do their tasks. We have recently reported on Mark Zuckerberg and his stalker as well as helping you out with 10 must have privacy settings.

There has recently been some surveying in Israel and it’s showing that there are some serious issues connected with Facebook and eating disorders. According to’s Lewis Page, the more time young girls spend on Facebook, the more likely they are to have an eating disorder.

The research was carried out using 248 female teenagers looking at their home habits involving web surfing, television watching and also their eating habits coupled with their plans for keeping slim. The research was carried out at the University of Social Welfare and Health Sciences in Haifa by a few different professors; they are Ruth Katz, Yael Latzer and Zohar Spivak.

You can read the full report over at the University of Haifa’s page, they have left a parting statement that says, “Significant potential for future research and application of eating disorder prevention lies in an understanding of how parenting decisions can have effect on an adolescent girl’s sense of empowerment and that enforcing a girl’s sense of empowerment is a means to strengthening body image. This study has shown that a parent has potential ability to prevent dangerous behavioral disorders and negative eating behavior in particular.”

We have a few questions about this though, would the same thing happen if the same research was done in three or four different countries? Are the findings consistent with a larger sample group? What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments section below.