New Olympus SZ-10, VG-110 & 3D VR-330 Superzoom: Price & Specs

We at OSM have been providing reports on various cameras and DSLRs, the most recent ones include the Canon Rebel T3/T3i DSLRs, the new Canon PowerShot range and the Ricoh CX5. Of course there were many cameras shown at CES 2011 so click here to view our full list of CES 2011 articles.

Now we have heard about a few new devices from Olympus, let’s start off with the SZ-10. Not only does this device look the part, it has some decent specs for the money that you will pay for it. It has a 14MP CCD Sensor, a 3”LCD, an 18x superzoom, HD recording and also the ability to take 3D stills; all this for $249.99 in a choice of black or silver. If you like the sound of it already then you will need to wait until March to get your hands on one. This device has so much more to it so head over to and read through the full list of specs as well as the press release.

Next up is the VG-110, this is a budget point and shoot device, it has 12 megapixels, a 4x optical zoom and a 2.7” LCD display. This device IS available this month for a cool $89.99 and as you know Olympus offers quality throughout their product line up. Check out its full review where you can find a full list of specifications and press release.

The last device we are going to have a peek at is the VR-330, this is another point and shoot camera featuring in Europe only, this camera has 14 megapixels, it can record in 720 HD, it has USB and HDMI compatibility and can also take photos in its 3D mode. The device can be picked up this month and the VR-330 will be available at all good online retailers, the price is coming in at £159.99. Read the full specs and feature list by clicking here and also the press release. If you would like to read another opinion on any of the above cameras then head over to where their author Joshua Goldman goes into detail about the zoom lenses.

If you had to pick between the above three cameras, which would you choose? We like the look of the SZ-10. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.