Motorola Xoom Vs iPad 2: Price Will Decide

With the war of the Tablet PC raging on it seems unclear who will be victorious, will the Motorola Xoom or iPad 2 be the winner? It seems that only the price will decide who will really be champion, and as we progress nearer to the launch date of both these devices it seems Motorola might be punching a bit above their weight with the release price on offer.

Following on from a previous post that was discussing whether the iPad 2 would be as bigger success as its predecessor, it seems the answers could lie within Motorola’s $799 price tag which was leaked in a Best Buy ad. With a value of this magnitude on what is the companies first Tablet PC it’s a high possibility that Apple has absolutely nothing to worry about.

This price could be a major turn off for most people looking to set themselves up for the first time with a Tablet PC, If you’re not put off by the price tag then the possibility that you will have to take a data plan in order to unlock the Wi-Fi on this device might, this would mean that you would have to purchase a data plan even if it is not wanted. You can see more info on this from this post by Mike Isaac over at

With news like this you can see why people would be pushed towards the iPad, which offers both WIFI-only and WIFI+3G models with the cheapest being $499. As you can imagine this is making people rather angry one reader from had this to say “The Xoom looks promising, but I don’t need/want 3G/4G. I’m not about to pay a premium when I can get the iPad for less. Make it the same as the Wi-Fi-only iPad and I’ll buy it.” Read his comments and others that feel the same by clicking the link above.

In times of financial struggle when everyone is trying to save a quick buck, companies should be putting in every effort to strategically price their units whether its Apple, Samsung, HP or Motorola, these companies should be focusing on getting the price right for customers and their devices are sure to come out on top.

Will you be purchasing a Xoom or holding on for an iPad 2?

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  • Mark S

    I am an ipad fan, but I purchased it for mainly internet and I have had it with the NO Flash! I feel like it's a jail sentence using this stupid ipad – I am not allowed to see the sites as they are. Enough! I am not sure about the xoom but before I would consider it, it would have to be available in a wifi only version.

  • RPel

    The Xoom looked great….but in these financial times $800 + data plan is not a fit. MOTO needs to make a profit…they have bills also..that is understood. But our freedom NOT to purchase is our choice. IPAD2 here we come!!

  • jason

    Hell no. Not only is this affecting my purchase of a zoom. I may drop my antroid phone & move to an iphone.

  • Pat

    If the Xoom (or any tablet maker) want to compete with the iPad, they also need to provide a low-end model that is comparable to the $499 iPad. And the Android version should be $399. That's just the way people view these things. They aren't going to pay an Apple tax for Android. They expect it to be cheaper. Also, no required data plans. Ever.

    The fact that the only Xoom model is $800 and you can't use WiFi until get a data plan makes this DOA.

  • PowerRanger

    I think that what some are missing is:
    A) Accept hardware expense as a monthly allotment, and then get rid of your cellphone, desktop, etc. (i.e. Don't be a gluttonous slob).
    B) The hardware price will 'settle-in' very quickly as the competition arrives.
    C) Accept the 4G (Get rid of your Cable TV service, Dinosaur!), and just use it on an as-needed basis to start.
    OK, I'm sorry about the Dinosaur comment.

  • Rick

    I would I pay more for something that is unproven? …especially when I already own so many Apple apps. DOA… is my guess… time will tell.

  • Rakesh

    Motorola has a very good product at hand. Hopefully they don't screw up with their pricing and the following points:

    1. Add WIFI one with built-in support for 3G & LTE with optional subscription – Price it for $499

    2. Add higher resolution display (iPad 2 is rumored to have retina display) for the next version

    3. Make sure it has a good battery

    The device with the above will kill iPad….No doubt in that