Kindle Update 3.1 Software Changes: Download Early Preview

Many of you out there are no doubt avid readers, most of you will also probably own an Amazon kindle. Well the latest news from Amazon is that there is going some software changes, giving the Kindle an update to version 3.1, which means people with this latest model of this all so popular e-book reader can download an early preview directly from the company’s website. For those choosing not to download directly this update will be pushed to all your devices directly over WIFI.

With this latest update you get a few more new features available for your reading pleasure. These new features are real page numbers, new layouts for newspapers and magazines and a public notes feature, all these features seemed to have been constantly requested since the launch of the newer devices.

The real page number feature which seems to be the most commonly requested update will list the page number on you reader which will correspond to the page in the printed edition of the book. This will be great for people in classes or book clubs who wish to read together, this feature has already been added to many thousands of Kindle books and will also be added to Kindle apps in the next few months.

The updated layouts for newspapers and magazines will show snapshots of the news allowing the reader to decide what to read first, with public notes this will allow users to share their thoughts and feelings and it’s available to every kindle user, this can be switched on and off via the main Amazon site. For a screen shot follow the link over to and read this post by Donald Melanson.

According to this post at by Chloe Albanesius, Amazon is also adding a social component, which will allow you when you have finished reading your book to see other books by the same author, share your thoughts on a social network and receive recommendations about what to read next.

Are you going to upgrade to 3.1?

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