iPhone and Android Security Risk: Staying Safe

Many modern smartphones out there like the iPhone and Google Android operated devices pose a fairly high security risk, because of their small size these gadgets are a prime target for would be thieves. Keeping your information from falling into the wrong hands and staying safe should be of upmost importance to you.

The first and simplest way to protect yourself is by enabling a password lock to your device, for Android users you have the ability to create an unlock pattern, similar to a password lock but rather than entering numbers or letters you swipe your finger along a grid of 3×3 dots creating your own lock pattern. Ensuring your device’s OS is fully up to date is also a good way of avoiding any newly discovered security vulnerabilities.

If at all your phone happens to go missing and you don’t have a password or lock pattern active you could do a remote wipe of your device. This should always be as a last step as once the data is wiped there is no way to retrieve it, which of course shouldn’t be a problem if you regularly back up your data. For a quick guide on these features read this post by Adam Dachis over at Lifehacker.com.

Although these may seem quite obvious there are other methods that people are using to gain access to your personal information, when you are not using them you should turn of all wireless communication such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Hackers can use Bluetooth to gain access to your phone and information, and when using a wireless internet connection make sure you’re on an encrypted network that requires a password. You can read more about these methods and other ways to keep yourself secure over at this post by the Telegraph.co.uk.

Identity theft is at an all time high and criminals are becoming more cunning, carrying out small steps like these will enable us all to stay one step ahead of them and avoid becoming just another statistic in the war on crime.