Google Interactive Doodle Celebrates Jules Verne “Father of Sci-Fi”

Here at OSM, one of the items that we enjoy bringing you news on, is that of the Google Doodle. To celebrate a specific event on the yearly calendar, or perhaps an individual’s birthday, gives search engine Google the opportunity to design yet another Doodle. In recent times, we have given you news on Robert Burns Night, Martin Luther King Day, Jane Austen’s 235th Birthday and so on. But today its the turn of “Father of Science Fiction” Jules Verne and his 183rd birthday.

The interactive Doodle which has been cleverly designed takes on Verne’s novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, which can be moved in direction using a joystick. I have to say for me, this is the one of the best Doodles I have seen, you really get the feeling looking through the submarine portholes that you are actually underneath the sea.

As pocketlint reported, the scene moves up and down with the help of the sea life background, and on using the joystick you can either come up to the surface, or venture into the depths meeting lots of sea creatures.

For those of you who may recognise the name of the novel above or even “Around the World in Eighty Days,” or “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” may not know to much about the famous French author Verne. The writer who specialised mainly in space and underwater type novels as stated died on 24 March 1905 age 77.

Tell us which one(s) of Verne’s novels you class as your number one favorite? Did you try out the new Google Doodle?