Facebook Move: Setting up offices at Menlo Park

A few days ago we told you about an upcoming Facebook event, which was rumored to be about Facebook moving its headquarters. We wondered if the social networking site, which has just celebrated its seventh birthday, would really move away from its renowned site at Palo Alto and it seems the answer is yes.

The company will now be moving its offices to Menlo Park, according to Ben Parr over on Mashable, who adds that the new base will be at the location of the former HQ for Sun Microsystems. Parr reports that the move will be announced by Facebook today and that the 57-acre-site which is mostly abandoned, has been purchased from Oracle. Along with the former Sun Microsystems site Facebook is also believed to have bought 312 and 314 Constitution Avenue a short distance away, previously owned by General Motors.

There are no details yet of when the move will take place or what exactly might be established at the Menlo Park location but no doubt we will learn more from the event later. Another report from All Things Digital by Liz Gannes, also looks into the move and says that apparently Facebook has already been in action tearing down walls and talks about how Facebook has outgrown it’s current base in Palo Alto.

What are your thoughts on the giant social networking site moving its base from Palo Alto? Do you think Facebook will have big plans for its new site? Let us know with your comments please