Facebook “AdmissionSplash” App: Tells Students Likelihood Of College Placement

For some high school students, the concept of applying for a college placement let alone the added worry afterwards of getting a place, could possibly leave them feeling apprehensive, scared, anxious and so on, but today with the help of a new Facebook app that may be about to change.

With the aid of start-up “Splash Networks,” the app “AdmissionSplash” as its been called, will help students get some indication of their chances of getting in to a chosen school on their list. To help this run as smoothly as possible, the app will expect high school students to give some basic information.

Details to be given will include of course personal information, test scores and as Mashable reported, you may possibility be asked whether you are involved in a sport(s) of any kind. Afterwards, once the information has been analysed, users will get given a “specific chances rating” ranging from “very poor” right through to “very good.”

Students may feel the burden has been lifted off, when they hear that AdmissionSplash does not only look at grade point average results and test scores, but the overall picture of the student.

To find out more on Facebook’s new app head on over to Mashable. What are your thoughts on it working? Can you see any downsides to it? Let us know.