Dual-Touchscreen Phones: Set To Be The Latest Craze

When it comes to smartphones and Apple has dominated for the last couple of years with their iPhone models. These days Android seems to be catching up with Apple and will perhaps overtake them in terms of market share in the not too distant future.

Recently we reported on the Kyocera Echo from Sprint and how it is also on the Android platform as well as how it could be a game changing device. This is a pretty amazing device with two screens that work together. You can view a collection of the images from the Sprint Newsroom, what do you think of the design?

Although the device is only running on the Android 2.2 Froyo platform, that can be excused for the innovative concept of the device having two screens working in conjunction with each other. It seems pretty robust as well, we all love a drop test and this bad boy survived a seven-foot test according to PCMag.com’s Sascha Segan. The hinge is made of some kind of liquid metal although it feels like plastic.

When you think back over the years, it’s always the crazy things that take off. Remember POGs, Yoyos and tamagotchi’s, they all took off big time. Perhaps the dual-touchscreen phone will do the same. We can see a number of other cell phone retailers using the concept and making it their own.

With Android Honeycomb becoming available for devices such as the Motorola XOOM, if they could cram into a dual-touchscreen the right ingredients to run Honeycomb then it will undoubtedly be a success. Hit the bottom of the article for a video demonstration of the latest dual-touchscreen device from Sprint’s event.

We had previously speculated that it could be like a clamshell design but in fact it’s not. The top screen moves back and lies alongside the bottom one. The two screens look as if they can pretty much work independently or by interacting with one another.

Do you think this will spark other manufacturers to have their own take on the device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Mike

    Android has already passed iOS in smartphone marketshare in the US.

    They also recently passed Nokia in global smartphone sales to become the world leader. That's sales though and not marketshare.