2011 Safer Internet Day Promotes Safe Online Usage

Today, it is difficult to ignore that the world wide web has virtually taken over our everyday lives. The internet has become a sanctuary for billions of users globally every day of the week, sites consist of private, public, business orientated, educational and so on, and as well as this, an increase in the amount of users taking to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter just keeps growing.

Although it is difficult to regulate every site across the internet in relation to content, particularly for users, there are plenty of ways to safeguard yourself. Today being the 8 February 2011, is “Safer Internet Day,” which has been running for some 8 years now. As techwatch reported, the aim, is to make people aware of what risks are on the world wide web as well as precautionary measures that can be taken. The slogan “Internet is more than a game, it’s your life,” is being taken seriously today by some 65 countries. Many events will take place today including the participation of schools and packs being sent out to children, a 12 hour interactive radio programme giving advice for children and parents and so on.

Back in 2009, it was estimated that a quarter of all the earth’s population use internet services, and for many children and teenagers the internet is used not just for educational purposes, but for social networking and online gaming. Safer Internet Day has been set up and organized by INSAFE, which basically is a network of Awareness Centres that with the help of EU funding, manages to educate the safe use of the internet and the way in which we use our mobile phones. This can apply to everybody, young, old, schools and so on. Here at OSM we have reported on many instances relating to privacy issues, cyber crime, cyber bullying, social networking sites becoming more of a addiction and so on.

Tell us what precautions do you take on the internet?