Windows Phone 7: Potential Nokia US Mashup

There is big speculation online at the moment that Nokia will drop its MeeGo OS in favour of Microsoft’s much established Windows Phone 7, having been branded “the biggest joke in the industry right now” by investment analyst Adnaan Ahmad (Who works for Berenberg Bank). Ahmad recently wrote to both Microsoft and Nokia urging them to join forces and make Nokia WP7 handsets available for the masses.

It is believed that WP7 will be pushed for higher end Smartphone handsets, thus trying to improve both companies market shares in the US. With no plans announced of intending to kill of Nokia’s successful Symbian range, it’s assumed that this would be pushed to both low and mid-range devices. For more of an insight have a view of this post by Tom Warren over at

Speculation like this has been ongoing ever since the departure of Stephen Elop from Microsoft back in September 2010, there is news that Elop (Who is now the Finnish mobile phone companies CEO) is expected to make some kind of announcement on February 11th. With no official announcement of what this could be about we’re all sitting on the edge of our seats to see if this fiction becomes fact.

If such speculation is true then according to this post by Keith Andrew at, a potential partnership like this could see both Microsoft and Nokia being handed a huge percentage of the Smartphone market. With a huge percentage like this it would leave one of the current leaders like Apple trailing behind with their 16 percent share.

Having not seen Nokia budge to far over the years when it comes to their devices and other companies operating systems, are we in store for something big on February 11th? With huge figures like this up for grabs it’s really going to pay off to see if we get Micro-Nokia collaboration.

Would you buy a Nokia Windows 7 Smartphone?

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  • Aldi

    Reply to your question: I simply would not buy Nokia products anymore in the future, if they move away from Meego and head towards MS Windows Phone. Nokia has always been a tech-company where engineering is very important. They also started to understand how to join the OS community and they are at the verge to make profits from this marriage with the community (not like Oracle against the commmunity but together with it). In other words: Nokia would not be trustworthy anymore to me if they would release any Windows Phone product.

  • MikeFB

    Why do people think WP7 is a success story?

    At 1.5 millions units (for multiple vendors) it sold less than the Nokia N8 (5 million units) last quarter.

    LG were very disappointed and even Microsoft are not so sure on WP7 (replacing their management with engineers and now talking of Windows 8 for mobile devices).

    And Adnaan Ahmad calls MeeGo a joke?

    Am I missing something?

    Let's see what MeeGo has to offer and let the buying public (not bankers with an interest) decide.