Sir Cliff Richard Gets An Official Facebook Page

British musician Sir Cliff Richard has ventured into the world of social media by making himself an official Facebook page.

The veteran singer has embraced the most used social networking site in the world and said he is using it as a means of communication with his fans. The 70 year old has confessed that he is a “technophobe” according to the Express, but he is going to give the Facebook experience a go. Sir Cliff had first dismissed the idea of having a Facebook page, as he thought his fans would not really use computers; times have changed.

Contact Music has repoorted that the hitmaker adressed his fans via a video link from his home in Barbados, by saying “I didn’t think I needed a Facebook page because I didn’t think any of you used computers, I’m absolutely amazed by how many of you do. I’m really new to this sort of thing, so don’t expect too much from me.” Sir Cliff’s official page has almost 25,000 fans so far.

For a similar story about Sir Elton John and the iPad 2, follow the link. Leave us your thoughts on Sir Cliff joining the social network, and if you the fans will be able to stay in touch with him even better than you are now.

  • Mee

    The page linked to, is not Cliff's official page, but a fan page, run and updated by his fans!

  • vernon steele

    good to know ..CLIFF

  • Jennifer Hammond

    The Official Cliff Richard Facebook page had around 2500 fans not 25,000. Today, Feb. 26th 2011 he closed that Facebook and took over the Sir Cliff Richard Facebook which had 25,000+ fans. We fans of the Official Cliff Richard Facebook knew nothing about this until today and were very surprised as the SCR Facebook is not as intimate. Pictures and Posts have disappeared. What I find really appalling is that you wrote this article Feb. 7 . with the wrong information which was made right today.
    I think Cliff Richard and the machine behind him made themselves very transparent as to who they really are by not clueing us in on this change with Facebook.

  • Pauline Roberts

    Cliff a friend of mine put me on Facebook and now i can see all my Family that live in New Zealand i have two Great Great neices one i have see because i wa sin New Zealand for Christmas and New Year  2010-2011 and me friend she in England said i missed all the snow i went out on the 14th December and she email me and said i had just missed all the snow.
        Now i can talk to my little Neice Savannah who is 3 years old and a stunner in looks she live on a frarm with her mum and dad so to me as she gets older she will brack some hearts.
     So to me its the best thing to be on Facebook you can see friends and Family.

     From Pauline Roberts