Panasonic’s TH-103VX200U 3D Plasma: Glasses Price Issue

In a previous post we brought you the news of Panasonic’s new monstrous 103inch 3D Plasma TV, they now have a new range of these big boy Plasmas, this range is of various sizes from 85 inches to a massive 152 inches. Of course with a screen size of that magnitude you can expect a hefty price tag to match, £35,000 gets you 85 inches of fun while £70,000 gets you 103 inches of Plasma paradise.

These new entertainment systems from the companies VX Series range are not only at the cutting edge of technology with active shutter 3D but they are also at the forefront of Plasma innovation.
These units have an impressive host of features such as a 30 bit colour processor, customisable inputs (Which allows up to 6 HDMI inputs), 16 picture memory settings and 3D crosstalk reduction technology.

It seems that these 3D Plasma screens are vastly superior to any current 3D LCD sets, as LCD TV’s beam out polarised light as do the active shutter 3D glasses, so when using these glasses and change the angle of viewing you change the angle of polarisation resulting in the picture disappearing or darkening. To read a more in depth explanation and review head over to and read this post by Jamie Carter.

Whether or not you choose Plasma or LCD you will still have one big problem, the expense of 3D glasses. With the price of glasses costing upwards of £150 so entertaining your family and guests is going to prove to be expensive. For a guide on how to get a set of these glasses for free or at least save some money on the purchase of a pair follow this link.

So with the glasses issue aside it’s just down to you to decide what is right for you, who will be victorious in your eyes, LCD or Plasma?

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