No More Freebies: Now Charge

Music streaming service, will now start charging for its mobile streaming in a similar manner to rival Spotify. The only free service you will get from the site now is the one from your PC.

The subscription to the app will now cost you £3 a month according to Tech Radar, which to be fair is still very reasonable considering the content you get whilst out on the go.

Previously users who did not live in either the UK, US or Germany had to pay for the subscription anyway so it is only subscribers from these countires who will be affected. Electric Pig has reported that the other countries who are unaffected had been paying the subscription since March 2009.

The new charges are put into effect on February 15th so make the most of your last 8 days off free streaming on the go. The positive thing is that are charging only 1/3 of what Spotify do, but unfortunately they do not provide on demand streaming.

If you have the app on your iPhone, Android device or other handset then expect some charges coming your way. Let us know your opinion on’s decision to charge users, will it lose then customers?

  • Ian

    I could not be more upset. I've spent all this time building up a nice library of info for to know me by, and now I have to pay just to hear things I like if I'm using my mobile device? Looks like it's time for me to find a new service.

  • Owen Smith

    I can listen free on my laptop, but not on my Squeezebox using the same internet connection in the same house. Not impressed.