Nintendo Wii 2 Rumor Roundup: Possible New Name

Nintendo are doing pretty well so far this year, we have seen their recent event where they launched the 3DS which we know many of you are looking forward to. We have also reported on its release dates and how the Angry Birds game will be making its way on to the handheld console.

Recently we reported an article where we were speculating with Don Reisinger on a possible 2011 release date for the Wii 2. As we know the Nintendo Wii has sold pretty well in America however the sales are beginning to slow.

Something that we have since thought about is the console’s name. We are wondering if it will change to something completely new. We would like to know your suggestions as to possible names for it.

After reading some of the comments from a previous article which made it’s way onto, many gamers are saying that they think something might be said at E3 but of course this is all still speculation. Another thing that a lot of comments were saying was that they don’t expect a refreshed Nintendo console until next year or the year after. Surely the Wii sales will be drying up by then won’t they? What is stopping Nintendo from making either a console utilizing HD or even 3D like they have with their handheld 3DS? Take a look at the below image.

The image has come from IGN where they are also speculating about what they think the console will be able to do and when it will be released. They mention a lot of the things that we have but also mentioned a few quotes from Nintendo executives as well as some comments made by analysts.

What do you think the next Nintendo console will be called if not the Wii 2? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

  • david

    How bout the Nintendo Woohoo! ?? spark

    • Tim Ollason

      The Nintendo Woohoo! Well it has a certain ring to it! Many people have been speculating about it's previous name (or supposedly) the Nintendo Revolution… Any other suggestions?

  • Johnny 2.0

    How about the Nintendo Revolution? like the Wii was supposed to be called until they released it. Maybe the Wii was just a test for them that did very well.

  • Mr.FACE


    If I can say the rest of this damn planet can too, Its just one word and after watching some TV they'll know how to say it, and if they dont have a TV then they wont need a Revolution now will they?

  • adam

    it might be called the wii wii. I really think that 5 year cycle is neat.

  • Paul

    …As long as it doesn’t stay “Café” I’m fine. I’m getting a game console, not a coffeemaker.