New Android Market Web Store Poses Threat From Malware

In the last few weeks we’ve reported on the Android Market vs. the Apple App Store and their growth rates and then recently we reported on news that came from a Google event including the new Android Market web store.

This seemed like a really useful extra to the Android Market as it enabled users to browse the net for apps, then purchase and install them straight to their Android mobile devices in a way that was both simple and convenient. However we now have news about a drawback to the web store. Daniel Eran Dilger over on Apple Insider reports that security firm Sophos is warning that the over-the-air installation from the new improved web store, makes it easier for malware and spyware to be put on devices.

What makes this silent addition so easy is the fact that mobile users using the new Android Market web store, don’t have an acceptance step to go through. The remote installation of apps to users’ phones was seen as a distinctive feature of the new web store but instead it seems that this way of installing apps leads users to be more open to malware threats. Vanja Svajcer of Sophos said, “Google should make changes to the remote installation mechanism as soon as possible,” and the best advice for now seems to be to choose a really secure password.

Christopher Dawson over on ZDNet also reports on this issue and weighs up the pros and cons but on balance feels that spending a bit of time changing your password is well worth the convenience of being able to use the Android Market in this way. What are your thoughts on the new Android Market? Do you feel it’s worth the risk of malware for the convenience of the web store? We’d welcome your comments so please do send them in.