Motorola Xoom & Apple iPad: Super Bowl Advert Joins Forces

We all know that tablet devices will be huge this year, after Apple set the way with its iPad it seems that virtually every manufacturer has produced a tablet or has one in the pipeline.

Motorola is no exception, and while we have been teased with snippets of web banner ads, it wasn’t until the Super Bowl that Motorola gifted us with a full showing. As a direct competitor to the Steve Jobs device, Appleinsider reported on how the full length Xoom ad picked on Apple users in a clever stab at Apple’s “1984” advertisement.

When Apple first introduced its Macintosh to the world, its sales promotion picked out non-Mac users, depicting them blindly following the crowd. While the ad sparked controversy, it is widely thought of as one of the best ads ever made.

Xoom’s feature works along the same principles but in reverse, the scene is set with the masses clad in white, trudging along with white Apple like earbuds in. Then there is the interception of a young gentleman, casually dressed and carrying a tablet device. Standing out from the crowd he uses his tablet to gain direction through Google maps, using the pinch function to zoom in and out to find his way.

In the next scene he sits in his office cubical hidden within the throng of identical spaces, we than see one of the drones, a pretty female who is distracted by the young man. By using his tablet he flirts with the young girl via pictures and animations through his tablet. She responds by removing her earbuds, in the process pulling herself away from the pack.

With a clever storyline showing a break from the norm, Motorola’s Xoom isn’t instantly recognizable until the end of the clip. Apple itself uses its 60,000+ unique apps as the selling point for its tablet keeping its priorities on their practicality and product quality.

There is no doubt as to the Xoom’s capabilities, with a slightly larger screen than the iPad at 10.1 inches to the Apple’s 9.7. A dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 SoC and 1GB of RAM, coupled to front and rear camera’s which we are likely to see introduced on the iPad 2 when it arrives.

A report by Engadget suggests that a February 24th release date will see the CDMA/EVDO 3G versions hitting the shelves for $800 through Verizon.

So with the Motorola tablet arriving soon will this have a major impact on sales of Apple’s next gen iPad? What do you think?