Kyocera Echo: Dual-Touchscreen Android Smartphone On Sprint

With all the hype surrounding the white iPhone 4, the Verizon iPhone, the HTC Thunderbolt and of course Sony’s Xperia Play (PlayStation phone), many other smartphones that may not have all bells and whistles are well and truly getting overshadowed.

Well, we at OSM are trying to keep things fair and when we see something that isn’t to do with the iPhone 4, or 5 we get it out there to you. Now we are hearing of a new Android Smartphone that will be coming out on Sprint. This one is made by Kyocera and is called the Sprint Kyocera Echo.

What makes this smartphone stand out from the iPhones and others that are on the market? Well it has something pretty unique; it has a dual-touchscreen with 3.5” on each side. Pretty cool don’t you think?

Over at their author Roger Cheng is reporting that the dual screens can be stacked side by side we are guessing like when you close a book to protect the screens. On the Echo you will be able to drag items from one screen to the other and we are also reading that it will be running on the Google Android platform. Slashgear’s Chris Davies is reporting that this sounds remarkably like a Fujitsu prototype that they saw previously. We are eagerly awaiting more information on the device.

The above sources aren’t the only ones that are reporting the news; Greg Bensinger of is also giving some opinion on the new smartphone that he is expecting to be announced at the Sprint event today as well as reporting on the share prices so have a look.

What do you think about the idea of having a dual-touchscreen smartphone? Does that appeal to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.