iPhone 4 White: Almost Here – Best Buy Labels At The Ready

The iPhone 4 in white is one of the most sought after devices and has been since back in 2010. It is starting to look like its arrival is imminent because we keep seeing different little hints from Best Buy and other places such as AT&T.

We have also heard all sorts of different dates; we have heard that it will be released on including February 27th as well as the end of March, we have even written an article asking you what all the fuss is about for this device.

We are now reading reports from Engadget’s Chris Ziegler that Best Buy are preparing a little further for the legendary device as they have printed up some labels ready for it to fly off their shelves. Best Buy aren’t the only ones, Engadget were tipped off about another sign at the waiting from RadioShack in Canada.

What is clear from the pictures is that it’s on AT&T and Bell but if you remember back at the Verizon event, soon after it finished a white iPhone 4 turned up on their website for ordering only to magically disappear. A few of the readers of Engadget doubt the credibility of the first image but it surely has to be coming soon.

Engadget sourced bby.us but the link is now dead but this just adds fuel to the fire doesn’t it? It may come back up so if you want to try it click here.

When do you think the iPhone 4 in white will be released? Are you disappointed that there isn’t any more hype about other colors of the device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.