iPhone 4 Stars In “J.R. Hartley” 1983 Yellow Pages TV Advert

If you’re old enough, as I am, to remember the J.R. Hartley advert on our TV screens back in the 1980’s, then a new commercial using the same concept has now shown up on video sharing site YouTube.

What makes today’s advert different from the one way back then, is the idea of bringing new technology into the content, I am talking about the iPhone 4. As we are all aware, Apple’s handset since its launch last year, has been a top contender in the world of mobile phones, and choosing this phone above other devices, is obviously a move which will no doubt entice viewers into the possibility of purchasing the handset along with Yell’s search app.

Back in 1983, the first Yellow Pages “J.R. Hartley” advert was seen on our small colour TV sets, and included a gentleman trying to find a copy of his “Fly Fishing” book. As pocketlint reported, the emphasis from company Yell is to use this very idea but with the promotion of the iPhone app.

On viewing the video, you will see a young man walking into a number of music shops asking the shop assistants for a copy of a 12-inch record from 1992 called Pulse & Thunder (coincidentally a real record) by Day V Lately.

Unfortunately, they have not heard of the record, let alone stock it. He goes home to pick up his iPhone handset, access Yell’s search app, and hey presto he finds the record, on asked what name to reserve it under, he replies “Day V Lately.”

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Spelly Paula Court

    Not as good as the orginal ad