Facebook Vs. Mixi: The Battle For Japanese Dominance

When it comes to social networking, it is becoming more competitive by the day. Facebook currently has more than 500 million users signed up with more than half of them performing daily activities. The social network has been valued at $80 billion and they seem to have a presence in most countries around the world.

One country their presence hasn’t really taken off strangely is Japan. They Japanese public seem to opt for a different network called Mixi. Facebook may never become the dominant social network in Japan as the head of Zynga Robert Goldberg says.

Zynga has a presence on both social networking sites with the FarmVille game, which according to appdata.com is the second most popular on Facebook with 52 million users. Pavel Apleyev is an author over at bloomberg.com and he informs us through his article that Goldberg declined to comment on the figures for Mixi users playing FarmVille.

There are a few social networks in Japan but Mixi currently occupies an 80% share of the social networking market. Back in May 2008 Mixi recorded that they had more than 21.6 million users so you can see why Facebook want to compete.

In the long run, who do you think will be the dominating force in social networking in Japan? Will Mixi lose out to Facebook or is their presence too strong already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.