Facebook: Guide To Using Your Privacy Settings: 10 Must-Haves?

Since Facebook‘s launch in 2004 and some 600 million users later, there’s no doubt that the social networking site is here to stay at this present time. Users to the site do not only communicate with their friends and loved ones, but can also join groups of interest, upload and share photos, follow live streaming events and so on. But with so many of you joining such a site, is your personal information really that secure?

This very question has been asked on a number of occasions in relation to Facebook, which at times has put CEO Mark Zuckerberg under intense pressure to look into privacy issues and how they can be improved. Users personal details have at times fallen into the wrong hands, so to put any concerns that you might have to rest along with options to make your profile safer, Mashable have kindly put together 10 essential settings to put into action. Here at OSM we have looked at just 3 of the 10, starting with what is probably the most basic feature “Sharing on Facebook.”

For many of you who have had a Facebook account for some time, will no doubt know how to adjust your privacy settings, by blocking out certain individuals and possibly using the option to minimise the amount of people who can view your content and photos etc. Head on over to Mashable for more information.

Another important feature that quite often gets overlooked, is that of “Checking into Places.” This in itself if set properly, can allow your friends to check you into places. Problems can arise when an individual could possibly share with the rest of the world where you may be at any one time, if this is something you would rather avoid altogether, then disable the feature completely.

Lastly, we wanted to tell you about “Public Search.” If a certain someone is trying to contact you, it may be possible to find you through a search engine. Although they may not be able to access all your information, they will be able to see a preview of your public profile. As Mashable stated, turn this option off to avoid this.

Tell us have you checked your privacy settings lately? Have you ever experienced any problems with your account?