Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere Escapes Fine Following Twitter Rant

Recently we have been looking at how sports and social media/networking are intertwined, we have reported on Rio Ferdinand’s comments about commentators Gray and Keys, how UFC was streaming some of their 126 event on Facebook we even asked you if you thought sports is the best industry for social media?

Onto the subject of Jack Wilshere and his Twitter post that he added following Arsenal’s 4-4 draw with Newcastle at the weekend. His Tweet was saying that there is a need for referees to be consistent in the country which is implying that Phil Dowd didn’t necessarily have his best game.

Here’s the issue, a few weeks ago when Ryan Babel was a Liverpool player, he wrote on Twitter some comments about Howard Webb and displayed a picture of Webb wearing a Manchester United shirt, following his Twitter outburst he was charged with improper conduct and fined by the FA. How is this situation any different with Jack Wilshere?

According to the BBC Sports website, Jack Wilshere seems to have got away with not having to pay any fines and no warning; perhaps there is more of a need for the FA to be consistent with their sanctions towards players. How has he escaped punishment for this and Ryan Babel didn’t? It seems that SkySports are also in agreement with us, they are a little flummoxed as to why he wasnt fined.

Do you think Wilshere should have been fined the £10,000 that Ryan Babel was? Let us know your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below.

  • nashisarsenal

    Wilshere didn't get fined because he spoke of an inconsistency instead of questioning the integrity of the referee.. which is bringing the game into disrepute. Thats my opinion anyway.

    • Tim Ollason

      Did Ryan Babel not say what his opinion was on Twitter? I think he did, maybe its just the FA wanting to protect their 'Best Ref'. What do you think?

  • DJR

    Wilshere mearly stated that refs need to be more consistent, which is after all a comon cry every week. Babel on the other hand as good as called the ref biased, which is a completly different thing all together,

  • Nwike Nigeria

    What is wrong with someone as Wilshere expressing his opinion and view,that to me is the best he could do,since the FA cant do anything to stop the mess going on in British Football…..

  • Niall

    I think the premier league are going to have to do something about this because they can't be fining one player one week (Babel) and then ignoring it the next. I know both instances were different but at the same time it feels like they are making it up as they go along at the moment.

  • Nwoke, Morphy.

    Wilshere was spot on and the FA would have burnt their if they had decided to put words into his mouth. He did not dress anybody in borrowed robes; but spoke simple English. It was an awful performance from Dowd. I know he get European or World Cup slot.



  • kellie

    Wilshere and other players should be allowed their opinions on their own social networking sites.