1 Million Facebook “Likes” needed for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed- Rewards To Come

For those of you out there who are fans of the Ubisoft’s massive video game Assassin’s Creed then we have some exciting news for you.

If you “like” their official Facebook page then you will be in with a chance to win some goodies and also some exclusive game content, according to The Sixth Axis. Some of the prizes include a Community Unlock, which sees Venezia by Night being unlocked in multiplayer, as well as other giveaways like commemerative T-Shirts to celebrate the event.

If you are yet to “like” the page then be quick as the first 1 million fans will get their hands on some of the special rewards; you can like the Brotherhood Facebook page right here. There are currently 959,000 fans on the social networking service so it is not too late to be one of the million. “Likers” will also get a 15% discount for 24 hours with free delivery on products from the UbiWorkshop, as well being able to watch a special thankyou video from the Assassin’s Creed developers, as reported by Strategy Informer.

It looks like another practical use for Facebook has been discovered. Not only can you keep in touch with everyone in your life, you can also get involved in your interests and win free content. For the price of a single click of a button it seems like a fair deal to me. Leave us your thoughts on Assassins Creed Brotherhood and if you are a fan on Facebook.