Verizon iPhone: First delivery arrives & Test Man YouTube video

We’ve been keeping you informed with developments about the Verizon iPhone, which is finally being released next week on February 10. We’ve told how pre-orders were sold out on the first day for Verizon customers and also how it smashed sales records for first day pre-order sales at Verizon.

Earlier today we also pointed out some compelling reasons why it might be best to wait for a while before purchasing the iPhone on Verizon. However we know that many of you are already waiting to get their hands on it and that it is so popular that a video for it is already trending on YouTube. The “Verizon Test Man with iPhone” video has already had nearly half a million views and you can see it below this story. It may be short and sweet but packs a certain punch.

Meanwhile if you’ve already pre-ordered we know that some people had e-mails confirming that Verizon had started shipping of the iPhone for Verizon and the really good news is that at least one person received theirs yesterday (Saturday). Arnold Kim over on MacRumors reported on this and if you check out the full article at the above link you can see a video of the first person known to have received their coveted Verizon iPhone, eagerly unpacking it. So, you never know, you may be receiving yours earlier than you thought.

What are your thoughts on the iPhone coming to Verizon? Have you by any chance already received yours? Why not send us your comments to let us know.

  • Jasonh1965

    Haven't received mine yet, but I do have my Fedex tracking number that shows on time for delivery tomorrow.

  • Danigirl65

    Got mine today!!