iPhone 5: Compelling reasons not to buy Verizon iPhone yet

After the long-awaited announcement that the Apple iPhone would be coming to Verizon on February 10, we recently told you how pre-orders for Verizon Wireless customers were sold out on day one. Since then we’ve wondered if buying a Verizon iPhone 4 is a wise move anyway.

First we told of rumors about the iPhone 5 possibly coming to Verizon this summer, which made us feel it may not be worth buying the iPhone 4 on Verizon now. Then yesterday we wrote about how there were some tough decisions to be made about purchasing the Verizon iPhone 4 with the release so imminent now. Now we’ve come across an article over on USA Today by Kim Komando, which gives us a reality check about the Verizon iPhone and makes some really good points about not buying the Verizon iPhone 4 right now.

We’ve already touched on some of these points, one of them being the likely release this summer of the iPhone 5. Although we haven’t much confirmed about this yet, we have heard plenty of rumors and we have an idea of some features to expect. One thing everybody knows is that it will be an improved version of the iPhone 4. Do you really want to spend your hard-earned cash on a phone that will shortly be outdated? Another thing to consider are the upcoming 4G phones such as the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon, or the Motorola Atrix 4G on AT&T. These deserve to be weighed up against the Verizon iPhone too.

Although many of you have been hanging out for a Verizon iPhone we can’t help thinking the best thing to do right now is to hang on a few more months. At least you’ll know then if the iPhone 5 will be worth waiting for. Komando also goes into detail about networks, pricing and more so head to the full article if you still need help making up your mind.

Meanwhile another article, this time by Chris Maugham over on Product Reviews, also seems to agree that the smart thing to do is to wait. However Maugham makes the interesting point, sourced from Beatweek, that Apple broke its usual pattern of announcing iPhones in June, when it announced the Verizon iPhone now, so it’s not a done deal that the iPhone 5 will arrive in summer, it may be a little later than we expected.

My own gut feeling though is that we shall see the next-generation iPhone this June/July as usual but that of course, remains to be seen. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it’s worth hanging on a bit longer before you purchase your Verizon iPhone? Why not let us know with your comments.

  • gil cottrell

    Except you didn't realize that the UNLIMITED Data plan ONLY offered for the inauguaral period and ONLY for the Verizon IPhone will NEVER again be offered for the Iphone 5 or any other Android phone! OOPS! Didn't know that did you? So, go ahead and wait so you can be overcharged( ATT is now being sued for overcharging illegally even though users actually proved they did not go over their data plans ( yeah,, try proving that!)) since it is easy to go over your data max with these data hogs especially if you piggy back 5 other laptops thru your IPHONE!! Oh.. you forgot about that? It's not just a phone but a WIFI hotspot so you can read all day on your IPAD, NOOK, Kindle!!!! Yeah, you can easily go over your data when you realize that you no longer need your cable company for the internet EVEN in the car WHILE you drive (meaning someone ELSE is actually driving for you! DUH!!) Why would I read the internet on the IPhone if i can piggyback my 17 inch laptop to the internet and watch internet TV in the back seat for FREE!

    • Bill

      WTF? The way you write a paragraph comes out as gibberish. Point is kinda lost…

  • Tyra

    I am trying to hang on, but it's difficult. I have waited 4 years for the Verizon iphone. However all of my research regarding "rumors" of iphone 5 make this a no brainer. Why upgrade in 4 month??!! 4G will be the latest technology, and I'm always after the latest and greatest . I will just sit on the sidelines and wait, and see how the network handles all the new iphone customers

  • Lina

    you cant piggyback your devices to your phone unless you pay $20 extra per month anyway… so, that means data plan is 49.99!!