Nook Color Sales: Was out of stock but now available online

We know that many of our readers are enthusiasts of the NOOK Color e-reader and among our recent posts we’ve given details of a firmware update with pinch and zoom and a look at the Nook Color running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. You may recently have read reports about the Nook Color being out of stock but the good news is that according to one source, it is now available again.

A report on Cnet by David Carnoy a few days ago informed us that at Best Buy the Nook Color was listed as back-ordered and then at the Barnes & Noble website when trying to ‘buy’ a message popped up to say “ships in two weeks.” This certainly seemed to be a strange move with e-readers set to be a big seller as a Valentine’s Day gift and led to a certain amount of speculation about just why the Nook Color was not available with different ideas being a software upgrade, an inventory update and even rumors of Barnes & Noble installing an anti-root fix.

However if you really want to get your hands on the Nook Color it appears that you may now be able to do so as David Carnoy over on Cnet has posted another article saying it’s back in stock at the Barnes & Noble website. At Barnes &Noble retail stores supply has been unpredictable and some stores have had them in stock although others haven’t, but Carnoy tells us that if you order from the “ships in two weeks” tag has been taken off, although apparently Best Buy still has the Nook Color listed as backordered.

We’re still not aware of exactly what the supply problems are about but one thing for sure is that many people want to get their hands on one right now and it looks as though that’s going to be a whole lot easier. We’ve just double-checked the Barnes & Noble website and it definitely says “Available Now” so get ordering!

You can see all the features of the Nook Color on the product page of here so check out the link for more information on this very popular e-reader. Have you had any problems obtaining a Nook Color? We’d be interested to hear from you so please feel free to send us your comments.