Jack Wilshere Hits Out At Ref On Twitter: Fine Coming Your Way

Twitter has been the centre of attention for lots of sports stars and commentators recently, we have reported on Rio Ferdinand blasting Gray and Keys, Cesc Fabregas being slated by Huddersfield’s Pilkington and of course the one that relates most to this article, Ryan Babel being charged for things he had written on his Twitter page about referee Howard Webb.

So what has Wilshere said? As reported by talksport.co.uk’s Michael Wade Wilshere Tweeted “Inconsistent refereeing needs to stop.its killing the game. If Diaby goes..whats the difference between that and Nolan on our keeper!?? #joke”. Of course, he is talking about Phil Dowd who refereed today’s game. (The below image is courtesy of TalkSport).

As we know the FA don’t take to kindly to the referees being criticized even when using social networking sites to do it, it seems that freedom of speech is a thing of the past and perhaps referees should have some kind of blog to file their reports to the general public. Something like that needs to happen if sports stars are going to be able to continue using the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

This follows what must have been a frustrating afternoon for Wilshere after his team, Arsenal drew 4-4 with Newcastle throwing away a 4-0 lead. The Gunners were reduced to 10 men following the interactions between Abou Diaby, Kevin Nolan and Joey Barton.

Over at goal.com their author Simon Sinclair is also reporting on Wilshere’s Tweet and mentions how this could dent Arsene Wenger’s side’s title challenge, especially as Manchester United slipped up today.

Do you think Wilshere will receive the same punishment as Ryan Babel did not so long ago? What went wrong for the Gunners today? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

  • Josh Phelan

    wilshere's right…..Dowd has reffed 4 arsenal games this season we have: conceded – 9, had 2 red cards, gave a random extra minute and half resulting in an equalizer for Sunderland, 4 penalties against, and 2 disallowed goals, only ref to average more goals against than for, for Arsena -l haven't won – record LDLD. he let tottenham come from 2-0 down to win against us, let newcastle come for 4-0 down to draw , let sunderland come from 1-0 to draw.

    • emmanuel Nigeria

      phil dowd is a coward.the pl refere

    • sean

      "he let Tottenham come back from 2-0 against us"

      What did he put the ball into the net for Spurs? No? Then shut the f**k up you pathetic little gooner. Spurs won because Arsenal bottled it. End of. You had a few decisions against you on Saturday but to suggest there is some kind of vendetta against Arsenal is not just laughable, its downright retarded.

  • Alexandra

    His name is Wilshere. Kinda kills the credibility of your “article” if you can’t even get his name correct.

    • Tim Ollason

      Thanks Alexandra, must be my crazy fingers at this time of night!

    • Hus

      Loool he got the name right it you who need should have gone to specsavers lool

  • Aziz-KL

    English refereeing is an absolute disgrace. Seems there is not only a witchhunt on Fab, it's worse – those bas***ds probably wanna make sure it's an "English" team winning the EPL – Sso Arsenal must be cut off wherever possible.

  • posizaate

    Wilshere is just giving voice to what we all are saying. The ref should be penalised and red-carded, not penalise wilshere.

    Referees do make mistakes being humans BUT this phli dowd seems to make deliberate mistakes [miind you, he's not a new or inexperienced ref at that]. If the FA penalise wilshere, it would mean that the FA condones the ref's wayward refereeing.

  • andika

    The statistic tells everything. I think Arsenal should write officially to FA England not to allow Phil Dowd to ref any game involving Arsenal in the future. COz surely this guy will find the way to cheaply let the Gunner defeated. If nobody wants him as a referee I think he needs to retire .