iPad Sales Boosted In Education With Stylus Use?

A big question that you have to ask of Apple is why did they not include a stylus as an option with the iPad? As successful as the device has been we wonder if it would have seen even more if it had a stylus through educational institutions.

We have previously informed you of a paintbrush stylus and we were asking you if you would use it. It seems like a good idea and you can see the way that technology and education are becoming intertwined on a much more frequent basis.

Can you imagine going into a classroom and seeing all of the students either writing for their English work or using the brush stylus to produce paintings on the screens? Who knows, perhaps the iPad 2 will have such a feature.

AppleInsider’s Josh Ong mentions about a patent that Apple has for the iPad to do with a stylus so head over and have a look. Then again if you go on something that Steve Jobs has said previously “we are all born with the ultimate pointing device, our fingers” then maybe we won’t see it. There is also an Apple discussion forum where the idea is being tossed around so head in and have your say.

What do you think? Would adding a stylus to the iPad help to boost their sales through schools and universities? We are interested for you to share your thoughts in the comments below.