iPad 2 Release Will See 3G Models Do Well

We have been keeping up with all of the iPad 2 rumors as they have been coming in, so far we have heard that there may be an adjustable kickstand, a new lighter display and of course, the recent ‘working model’ that has been seen before it has even been announced.

There’s been lots of talk of rear and front facing cameras because of the cases that have been seen. We have already reported a rumor round up so make sure you have a read of it by clicking here.

Onto what is happening with the 3G model, we have read reports over at AppleInsider.com from their author Kasper Jade saying that Apple are producing the iPad 2 and that the majority of them includes either CDMA 3G support or GSM/UMTS. This would mean that Apple are creating more concrete relationships with wireless carriers which is hardly surprising when they have competition from the likes of the Motorola XOOM, you use everything you can to your advantage right?

Over at tuaw.com David Quilty is reporting on when the current iPad was released and points out that when the iPad was released the WiFi only model was available a whole three weeks before the 3G model was released. Does this mean that Apple has learned from its previous mistake?

Will you be getting a 3G iPad 2 or just the WiFi model? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.