Facebook Event: New HQ Announcement?

Facebook has started to distribute invitations for its big event next Tuesday which is likely to be when they announce they are moving to new headquarters.

The conference will take place in Menlo Park City Hall, California, and many have predicted that Mark Zuckerberg will tell the world that his company are moving their operations to the Silicon Valley city area.

The social networking service celebrated its 7th Birthday on Friday according to SF Gate and would see the huge site move from their famous Palo Alto base. The logo for the invitation which you can see below courtesy of Cnet, is the Facebook Places check in emblem which co-incides with the HQ theme.

Facebook has spoken of its desire to move its headquarters to a larger and more long term location, due to their rapidly growing team of staff. A Facebook representitive has said via email that “the event will regard a campus that will fit long-term business needs”. More will be discussed during the event.

Will Facebook leave their major Palo Alto base or is it all hype? Leave us your thoughts, and tell us if you think the event will be the confirmation of a move to Silicon Valley.