World Cancer Day 2011: Contribute To The Cause Online?

Today is World Cancer Day, a time to remember loved ones, those that may be at this present time battling with the disease and for those that have come out the other side. According to figures from the Office of National Statistics based in the UK, one in 4 people will die from cancer. As well as plenty of events taking place globally, there are other online options open to you if you want to show your support, be it financially or other.

First and foremost if you are thinking of perhaps going along to an event, the World Cancer Day central communications hub, will give you ideas of where to go including a map of worldwide events and campaigns that you can get involved with. Secondly with the collaboration with networking site Facebook and an awareness page (Stand Up 2 Cancer: SU2C) that has been set up, members can tell of their experiences with cancer. In doing this, an automatic message will be posted onto the site, with the words “Donating Your Facebook Status,” followed on with,” I stand for the end of cancer.” To find out more on this particular item log onto

Another great way to get involved and support your favorite Major League Baseball team, is by way of donating money in exchange for a piece of the stadium, and in return not only will your donation go straight to cancer research, but as Mashable reported, you will receive a photo with the donated item including your personal details and message attached to it.

Twitter’s involvement will allow you to keep up-to-date with current and forthcoming events, and to access this, you can click onto one of the following hash tags be it, @SU2C, @Cancersociety, @Livestrong and so on. Last but certainly not least is my favorite, being “Launch a Star.” Linked up to SU2C, this allows you to make a donation for as little as $1, and in doing so, a virtual star will be sent into the sky to remember that special someone you love.

Let us know if you will be joining in World Cancer Day, and if so, what will you be doing? Please feel free to leave any messages for your loved ones that may be connected to this very cause.