Verizon Wireless iPhone 4: Smashes Sales Records On Day 1

It’s never been a secret that when Verizon and Apple came together for the CDMA iPhone 4 that it would be a success. We previously speculated that there may not be enough stock of the device and we have also reported that the pre-ordering was a sell out on day one.

Now we are informing you all of how Verizon Wireless’ sales of the iPhone 4 have smashed all previous opening day sales records. Not only did it totally annihilate the record but as Dan Mead says in the Verizon press release, it outsold all of the others in 2 hours… that’s quite an achievement don’t you think?

What’s even crazier about it is that the opening of the sales wasn’t in exactly prime time; they kicked off at 3am. As Engadget’s Vlad Savov says in his article, Verizon hasn’t actually enclosed the figures for the sales but the fact that the Verizon site was having so many problems with the pre-ordering service we can safely say it’s going to be quite a lot!

In the press release they go on to talk about other locations that the device is going to be available come February 10th such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, all Apple stores and of course, the 2,000 strong group of Verizon stores.

Did you manage to get through the pre-order system? When does your ship date say you will receive your Verizon iPhone? What do you think of the volume of sales? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Chris

    Ordered mine at 3:30am EST (only 1:30 my time) with absolutely no indication of problems or hesitation with Verizon's site. It did take about one and a half hours before I received my email confirmation though. This morning I received the shipment confirmation with a Fedex tracking and estimated delivery of Monday, Jan 7th by 4:30. Woohoo!