UFC Facebook Game Launched By THQ

Facebook is continually growing past its 500 million users that it has signed up and it is adding more and more different things. Recently we have seen the Facebook Deals page launched that looks to rival Foursquare, the new photo upgrade, we have seen apps such as the one from Schweppes that allows the customization of your profile and we are seeing more and more different games added each day.

Recently we reported that one of the games, CityVille, had reached the 100 million users milestone which means that roughly a fifth of the Facebook population are playing the game. That is pretty astonishing. We knew the game was popular but not as popular as that! We are now bringing you the news that there has been a new game launched, this one is by THQ and it is based around the UFC.

The aim of the game is to train up your fighter and learn new moves as you go. Over at joystiq.com, author JC Fletcher is describing the game as a ‘click to level up game, only sweatier’ which is a pretty amusing take on it. You can also read through the full press release for the game over at the official THQ site.

If you want to join the fight then you can by heading to the official Facebook page and then clicking on the picture, once you have done that you will need to complete the basic information after clicking on the ‘Allow’ button.

Now you can try and emulate your favorite fighter’s success such as one of our favorites, Chuck ‘The ICE MAN’ Liddell. This is a lot like the other games on Facebook where it can be free if you want it to be or you can spend money on it by using Facebook points (normally 10 points per dollar) so get on and get cracking!

What do you think of the new app on Facebook? Let us know your feedback in the comments section below.