The Most Followed People On Twitter: Top 3

Twitter has grown a lot in the last few years as have most social networks but Twitter is a little different to all of the others as it is widely used by celebrities, sportsmen and women along with many other high profile people.

Recently we have seen a couple of ‘Serial Tweeters’ such as Rio Ferdinand of Manchester United blasting Keys and Gray, at the time Liverpool’s Ryan Babel who was fined by the FA for things he had written and Amir Khan saying that he had over-trained for the Maidana fight. Do any of these people feature in the top 3 who are being followed?

The top 3 people that are followed on Twitter starting from 3 with Britney Spears, of course she has been around the music charts for years and it appears she is still quite a big time hit on Twitter. She recently Tweeted her new album details as a taster for her fans. She has over 6.7 million followers and this continues to grow.

In at 2nd we have teen sensation Justin Bieber. Recently there was something new launched called the Bieber Experiment, click here and have a read of what that is about. This young man constantly features in our top 10 and somehow managed to feature in the top 50 most popular women! The ‘Biebster’ has a little over 7 million followers.

Top spot as shown over at the Twitter counter goes to Lady GaGa, recently she Tweeted that the ‘Born This Way’ lyrics were released but since she hit the big time the Internet has simply been going ‘GaGa’ for her.

Are there any surprises in the top 3? Do you think Justin Bieber will catch up with Lady GaGa? Which of these 3 is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.