SkyGrid Groups Social Media Platform: Lady Gaga could be first

We told previously how singing superstar Lady Gaga had topped the list of the 50 most popular women on the web and then a few days ago told how the prolific Twitterer had tweeted her excitement about the release of the lyrics to her track “Born This Way.” Now we hear news that Lady Gaga is to be amongst the first to try out a new social media platform, SkyGrid Groups.

Where SkyGrid hopes to find a niche is by pulling together online conversations and information about somebody or something (from sources such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and more), to a central page, according to Anthony Lund over on Music Rooms. This service can be used by individuals, organizations and brands, knowing that any information they want to give out, such as new releases, tours or products, can be found easily.

A statement from SkyGrid said, “With SkyGrid Groups artists, brands and public figures are now connecting with their fans in more places than ever before.” As mentioned earlier, popular artist Lady Gaga will use SkyGrid to share videos, pictures, tweets and status updates. If you want to read more about exactly how this works then head to an article by Caroline McCarthy over on Cnet which gives examples of how it can be used.

What are your thoughts on SkyGrid Groups, which incidentally is a free service, and how useful it could be. Why not send us your comments on this.