iPhone 4 Verizon: Waiting Nearly Over Shipments Begin

Are we really surprised to hear this morning that pre-orders of the iPhone 4 on Verizon have sold out on the first day? Although the official release date of the handset is not until the 10 February, it hasn’t stopped a huge number of you ordering yours before the demand reaches fever pitch on the date above.

Good news for those of you who managed to bag your device, as news this morning from the guys over at Engadget, is that shipments for the iPhone 4 have already began their journey. Lucky customers it seems have received an email from Verizon confirming that the big red is indeed starting to send out the devices to a place of their choice.

As AppleInsider stated, iPhone 4 customers may have to keep everything crossed in the hope that their device reaches them before the official launch date. With FedEx on board to deliver the handsets, it is hoped that tracking of orders will commence shortly. As AppleInsider quite rightly pointed out, on release of the iPad last year, customers were kept waiting for a short period, whilst the tablet stayed at the UPS Worldport hub in Louisville, Kentucky.

Tell us were you lucky enough to pre-order your iPhone 4 yesterday, and have you received an email from Verizon? If not tell us, were you one of a number who experienced difficulties trying to get yours? Some of you reported error messages on Verizon’s webpage.

  • Matt

    Mine shipped this morning.

  • Stephanie

    Mine shipped yesterday. I had multiple windows opened about 30 minutes before they went on sale for the presale. I noticed that the refresh time was seperate so I manually refreshed one. It said that the website was experiencing unusally high traffic. It wasn't long though before I was able to order my phone. And by the way my order was completed a few minutes before 2am cst.

  • leonel

    i check my tracking number in the ups page and its tellingme monday i would receive my iphone 4 omg i cant belived im a long sufer verizon coustumer waiting fot a iphone finally can this be true

  • shellie

    I got the shipment notice last night.. Should have it in my hands by monday or tues