iOS 4.3 For iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad: Another Release Date

Apple needs to do something to start steering the attention away from Android since they unveiled Honeycomb 3.0 at the Google Event and what better way to deflect the interest away from your main competitor (other than releasing a new product) than to release the new iOS?

We have been tracking the iOS 4.3 update for some time now, going back a few months it was pegged for the December 13th however the date came and went with not so much as a whisper. Then on the January 13th the beta was released to developers where we featured a video on our article.

Following the beta, we then heard that the actual release of the 4.3 update would be February the (you guessed it) 13th but now we are hearing from’s Federico Viticci yet another date. In his article he details that the expected date and time is February 14th at 10am PST.

We understand that the new iOS will include bug fixes and maintenance of code, BGR are saying that there will be AirPlay support for web apps and 3rd party apps and perhaps an option to configure the slider bar. Another expectancy is the addition from Apple of Personal Hotspot functionality which will effectively turn your iPhone into a portable wireless modem. Pretty neat huh?

We have also reported a few more of the expected features and additional functionality that is expected for the iPad as well as the iPhone getting true multi-tasking and multi-touch with the new camera effects being added.

What date do you think the iOS 4.3 update will be available? Are you looking forward to any particular new functionality? Let us know in the comments section below.